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Seal Spotting at Breakfast

13 June 2017

On Wendy & Mike’s first morning, whilst enjoying breakfast and views of the bay, who should pop out of the water but our resident seal, ‘Sammy’. He’s a regular visitor here in Porthcressa, to the delight of our guests (though not the local fishermen), although you need a keen eye to spot him!  He’s very inquisitive, coming in quite close to the shore some mornings, frequently popping up and bobbing about whilst catching his own fresh fish for breakfast. If we’re very lucky he brings his pal too – we haven’t got a name for him or her yet though!

It’s Wendy and Mike’s second stay at the Wheelhouse

Seals are easy to spot around Scilly. Our beautiful clear waters provide the perfect environment for them to thrive. Once they feel comfortable somewhere they keep coming back and we feel very lucky to have our resident seal in Porthcressa bay.

It’s always a bit of fun looking out for them each morning. This year Wendy did a morning ‘seal report’, helping our other guests make sure they got a good look, though occasionally sitings turned out to be a rock rather than Sammy!  It’s had the other guests in stiches this week.

Seal spotter Wendy

What with Sammy around at breakfast, red squirrels to spot in Tresco Abbey Gardens, puffins to be seen on the Annet boat trip, lots of groups of seals basking on the rocks on the Eastern islands and not forgetting the very cheeky Scilly sparrows found at various eateries around the Islands, Wendy and Mike have found plenty of wildlife to keep them entertained.

One of Wendy’s favourite things about Scilly is the wild flora found thriving in the natural hedgerows, and of course I must not forget to mention Dan’s speciality fried bread or St Agnes local Troytown ice-cream, both a firm favourite and holiday treat! Mike’s favourite moments include sitting outside the Turks Head pub on St. Agnes and seeing St. Martin’s in all its glory this year (after a foggy time on Scilly last May).

Where’s that seal?!

They’ve had a wonderful stay, and love the friendly atmosphere here at the Wheelhouse, making new acquaintances each year. They have already booked up for next year and we hope that Sammy makes an appearance at breakfast on their first morning in July 2018!

So, remember to keep your eyes peeled whilst enjoying the lovely view at breakfast time! Seal spotting comes as an extra bonus.

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