The Islands

The Isles of Scilly lie just 28 miles from the Cornish Coast, but once here you’ll feel worlds away.

People of all ages love Scilly. It’s relaxing, unpolluted, safe and beautiful all year round. There is plenty to do whilst you are here. Whether you like walking, boating, beachcombing, getting close to nature, or activities such as kayaking, sailing, sea-fishing, golf, horse-riding and cycling – it’s all on offer on Scilly.

If you prefer to relax on the beach or just get away from it all, you can do that too. Whatever time of the year you visit you can always find a spot away from it all, with nothing but the gentle rustling of the wind and the lapping of the waves upon the shore to distract you. It is a truly idyllic place.

For many, a holiday on the Isles of Scilly involves taking the tripper boats to the off-islands. Each island has its own character and charm, from the rugged north coast of Bryher to the perfectly laid out Abbey Gardens of Tresco, from the golden beaches of St. Martin’s to the tranquil serenity of St. Agnes. St. Mary’s Association Boatman Paul Smith, skipper of the Surprise, visits us at the Wheelhouse each morning during breakfast to tell us the daily boat times and trips on offer. You can beat the queues at the quay and buy your tripper boat tickets from us.


Can’t wait until you’re on the islands again? Or if you’ve not been before – just picture yourself relaxing here. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, share our wonderful sea views!

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